MSRP: $8,299


  • TRIXX PACKAGE: Play like never before with your watercraft. Because pulling off tricks has never been so easy and so much fun.
  • EXTENDED RANGE VARIABLE TRIM SYSTEM: This exclusive Sea-Doo feature lets you exaggerate how high you can raise the nose or how deep you can bury it in the water. Which means pulling off tricks has never been so easy, or fun.
  • STEP WEDGES: The step wedges provide more stability and confidence in different stand-up riding positions. Making it easier to pull off tricks like a pro.
  • HANDLEBAR WITH ADJUSTABLE RISER: Adjusting the steering lets you customize your experience to your personal riding style. A variety of positions offers you more leverage to easily maneuver the watercraft regardless of the water conditions.
  • INTELLIGENT BRAKE AND REVERSE (iBR): Exclusive to Sea-Doo, the iBR system lets you stop sooner for greater peace of mind and offers more control and maneuverability. *Based on BRP internal testing with models without iBR.
  • POLYTEC MATERIAL: This robust material reduces the weight of the watercraft to deliver peak performance and efficiency, and makes it easy to tow with most cars. Plus, the color-in molding makes it more scratch-resistant than fiberglass.
  • SPORT MODE: The most responsive mode that gives you the top performance from your watercraft available with the Rotax 900 ACE - 90 hp engine.
  • CLOSED-LOOP COOLING SYSTEM: This technology prevents corrosive saltwater and damaging debris from entering the engine, for increased reliability and peace of mind.
  • EXCLUSIVE COLORATION: Exclusive TRIXX™ coloration.
  • ALSO INCLUDES: iControl®, VTS™ (Variable Trim System), wetgrip footboard, handlegrip with palm rests and tow hook.